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We are entrepreneurs focused on bringing better quality foods and drinks to supermarket shelves that also address evolving consumer needs and macro trends. We only engage in categories that we feel passionately about or are personally connected to.

What we consume is hugely important to us and all our products are clean-labelled and high quality and we are excited to include them in our everyday lives.

We have set up previous businesses from which we've successfully exited. We have now set up Curated Group which is a London-based holding company with subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, India and Ireland.

We invest our own capital in exciting new and/ or existing businesses and seek to accelerate growth through our experience, knowledge and the great team we have working with us.

CG Built on experience and success
Built on experience and success

Our previous businesses have covered a wide range of industries, but with a particular focus on the food and beverages' space. We're supported by a passionate and committed team of professionals with deep experience across all the areas that are critical to growing a modern brand, from Account Management through to Marketing and IT.

Accelerate your business growth in the food and beverage space
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